Guinness World Records of drinking a bottle of ketchup in record time

Are you fond of ketchup? Do you add it to almost everything you eat? But do you like it enough to swallow it straight from a bottle? Well, in case you are shocked by the question, Mumbai-based Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya just did that and created a Guinness World Record. In the video uploaded by Guinness, Upadhyaya can be seen drinking ketchup from a 396g bottle with a straw. He begins the challenge by opening the bottle and then proceeds to drink the entire thing within 25.37 seconds. According to a report in Guinness World Records, Upadhyaya was required to swallow 95 per cent of the content for the attempt to be valid and he actually achieves the feat in record time.

Although he coughs uncontrollably after he is done, he did set the record. “I am doing this record to prove myself as best in this amazing world in this particular record field,” the Mumbai resident had written in his application for the record title.

Impressive as this is, it is not the first time that Upadhyaya create a Guinness World Record. His affinity to set Guinness World Records are well known. He was the same man, who, in the past, had held 22 lit candles in his mouth.  He also holds the title for the most grapes (73) eaten in a minute, most oranges peeled and eaten in three minutes among others. Upadhyaya is often referred to as ‘Maximouth’ and according to Guinness World Records “stuffing” records are his speciality”.