Nasa's incredible time lapse video captures 5 years on Sun

Last month, NASA mesmerized us with the largest picture ever taken of Andromeda galaxy (69,536 x 22,230) which requires 4.3 GB disk space; and now they have come up with a bigger surprise this time.

In honor of SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) completing five years in space, NASA has released a video showcasing the highlights from the last five years of sun watching.

SOD provided incredibly detailed images of the whole sun 24 hours a day to NASA, in the last five years, capturing an image more than once per second. It accounts to more than 200 million images and over 2,600 Terabytes of data.

The amazing view of giant clouds of solar material hurling out into space, movement of gigantic loops hovering in the corona and massive sunspots growing and shrinking on the sun's surface is just beyond imagination.

This video is an example of what kind of data is provided by SDO to the scientist.


The practice of watching sun in different wavelengths and therefore different temperatures helps in observing the pathway of material movement on earth's surface thus understanding the factors behind eruptions on sun's surface.

But you don't need to get into the space related maths, just sit back and travel through the mesmerizing five years on Sun, the power centre of Solar System.