What Is A Silent Stroke? Are You At Risk?

What Is A Silent Stroke? Are You At Risk?

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When your brain does not receive enough oxygen and blood, it results in a stroke. A stroke is backed by symptoms like sudden loss of sensations, difficulty in swallowing and loss of consciousness. However, a silent stroke is one which does not show any symptoms. Here we are referring to those cases where people do not realize that they are getting a stroke. The symptoms of such a stroke are either not-easy-to-recognize or difficult to remember. Nevertheless, the stroke can lead to permanent brain damage.

Usually, people do not realize that they have had a silent stroke. It is through brain scans when the damage shows up. And these are more common than you know. According to a study, 10% of the mid-aged people suffer from brain damage due to a stroke, which apparently showed no symptoms at all.

But the good thing about such strokes is that these are small strokes. They usually aren't very serious which is why one does not realize that he or she is getting a stroke. They usually occur in those parts of the brain which are further controlled by another part of the brain. Due to this, some strokes take place without serious effects. But the best news is yet to come. Getting a silent stroke is indicative of the fact that you are in a very good state of health. The fact that your body successfully survived a stroke is good enough to show that your body is fit and your brain is healthy.

Bad news about silent strokes

If you have suffered a silent stroke in the past, it is important for you to start taking preventive measures. Start keeping a tab on your blood pressure, if it is normal or not. Check your diet, cut down on oily foods, salt, smoking, drinking and start mild exercising. Also, ensure that you keep your mind free from all forms of stress because stress could also be a contributing factor here. The occurrence of a silent stroke says that an underlying health condition is about to crop up.


So if your doctor just informed you that you have suffered a silent stroke in the past, start taking preventive measures immediately. Even if your body was strong enough to take it once, you never know, it may not be that strong the next time. So it is better safe now than being sorry later.


Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.